Pam Goodwin

Spiritual Medium and Healer

I can help you to reconnect with loved ones passed and find comfort and peace.


Hi, I am Pam Goodwin, a Spiritual Medium and Healer.

I have been blessed with the ability to see and communicate with those in the Spirit realm since I was a little girl although this stopped for me at around 14 years old and began again years later just after my Sister passed away suddenly, this brought me so much comfort to be able to see and hear her and my Mum and my  Grandparents who had passed, I could also hear my Spirit guides again and I remembered one in particular from when I was very young.

I sat and spoke with my spirit guide and she said that she would like to work in partnership with me to bring this same closure, love and healing to others after the loss of their loved ones and to introduce them to their guides to help them with direction, healing and the finding of peace and acceptance of themselves and their life experiences……This was just  the beginning of my work as  Spirits messenger which I have continued my work for over 15 years..

My Healing services are effective for Men, Women and Children particularly those who find their lives affected by:

  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Unhealthy Relationship Patterns
  • Self Sabotaging behaviour patterns
  • PTSD and Trauma



I work in partnership with Spirit as a channel to deliver messages of love and healing to my clients from their loved ones who have passed from this world and also from their Spirit Guides.
I offer past life readings and regressions also.

The messages brought through are always given in the energy of love and compassion with the intention of bringing about comfort, peace, clarity and direction.

My time as a guest Medium each fortnight on Mandurah's 97.3 Coast FM's Mystic Monday was the beginning of my remote work being a live show and since then I have been offering my services remotely both Nationally and Internationally through FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc.


In my work as a Healer I use Energy Psychology including EFT Tapping and Matrix Reimprinting, both of which can be used to help many things including :

Anxiety and Depression

Changing Unhelpful Thought Patterns


PTSD and Trauma

Self Sabotaging Behaviours

I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner and with any of these healing modalities I can assist my clients to achieve a state of balance and deep inner peace.


Testimonial - Reading

Pam was recommended to me by my friend. I went to Pam for a reading as there were several issues I was dealing with. The reading turned into a healing which was incredible.I feel I got more than I expected.
Will definitely go back!! Mrs K, Perth WA

Testimonial - Reading

You are so spot on with everything you told me. Loved the experience and will continue seeing you for spiritual guidance. You do it with so much love and compassion xx Mrs. S, Western Australia

Testimonial - Reading

Pam is truly a blessing in my life.Her kind uplifting words bring so much clarity to my life in past,present and future.
For years now she has been a guide of strength and understanding. Her gift is delivered with compassion and heartfelt words of love . I am truely great full for her guidance and availability to her following. Thank you Pam Earth Angel. Mandy x

Testimonial - Reading and Past Life Regression

I've had 2 readings and an EFT and past life regression with Pam and I have received exactly what I needed in order to clear and move forward on a number of issues. Not only is Pam incredibly warm and reassuring one of the best parts is what happens afterwards. I never stop being amazed at what keeps popping up from these readings that are so spot on and often I find myself laughing out loud at messages that didn't make sense at the time but that is why I love coming to her. My PLR was one of the most amazing experiences I have had to date and I found out so much that it was life changing. Mrs M. Perth, WA


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Live your life and be free

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